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From routine housekeeping to Extra Care. Flexible services and staff on-site and available 24 hours, every day, for whatever you need.

Apartments at Honeybourne Gate are sold leasehold with 125 year leases.  In addition to the cost of purchase there will be some recurring charges such as ground rent and a service charge. The service charge will cover the cost of staff, repairs to communal areas, etc. In addition a transfer charge will be made when you sell your property to cover the cost of renovating the apartment for a new owner, future building maintenance necessary to maintain the value of the apartments and selling your property. Details of these charges can be downloaded from this page.

From time to time, a small number of apartments maybe sublet and made available for renting. In these cases, tenants will be responsible for both the rent and service charge.

If you are downsizing, the cost of services provided through the service charge and by purchasing services from our on-site team will usually be significantly lower than you are paying currently. Nevertheless it is important that you assess these charges yourself and understand them. To help with this, all of these charges will be set out clearly, along with details of what services you can expect for these payments, before you decide to buy. Nevertheless we strongly advise that you discuss these charges with your solicitor during the purchase process and ensure you fully understand both your commitments and our responsibilities to you.

We will also set out the cost of those additional services, such as help in your apartment, you might choose to purchase from the on-site team. It is our intention that these services will be offered at a discount to the cost of similar services available from local agencies.

Our services to you

As a provider of personal care, Honeybourne Gate will satisfy stringent new government guidelines. We aim to provide our residents with a home for life thanks to the availability of appropriate, professional assistance and support. 

A standard annual service charge funds the maintenance and staffing of facilities at the complex. It also provides each apartment with a cleaner for 1.5 hours every week. Additional assistance or personal care is also available though tailored flexible service packages. Fully qualified, CQC registered carers are always on duty on-site 24/7.

Honeybourne Gate

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For further information on buying a property call: 0800 471479


How can we help?

  • Shopping 
  • Laundry, washing and ironing 
  • Household chores 
  • Attending medical appointments 
  • Trips and excursions 
  • Domiciliary care